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# Airport Air Wind Wave Period Sea Rain Cloud
1 Goulimime, Morocco (GLN) 16C 7kts 3m 11.6s 18C 11mm 24%
2 Barranquilla, Colombia (BAQ) 26C 12kts 2.2m 6.2s 26C 0mm 21%
3 Grafton, Australia (GFN) 24C 4kts 2.2m 8s 27C 8mm 16%
4 Wollongong, Australia (WOL) 21C 7kts 2.1m 7.6s 23C 9mm 27%
5 Palmerston North, New Zealand (PMR) 17C 7kts 2.1m 7.6s 21C 21mm 80%
6 Osorno, Chile (ZOS) 16C 4kts 2.1m 10.5s 16C 0mm 30%
7 Gisborne, New Zealand (GIS) 19C 7kts 2.1m 7.8s 22C 4mm 73%
8 Kaikoura, New Zealand (KBZ) 16C 8kts 2.1m 7.7s 18C 16mm 91%